Heavy Armored Combat

Full Combat Fight (K)night!

What is Buhurt?

Buhurt is a full-contact, full-intensity, full-armoured sport that brings the grand tournies of the medieval era into the modern age.

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How do I join?

With HACSA teams across Alberta and BC and more throughout Canada, there are opportunities for everyone   

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Do you do anything else than fight?

We do all sorts of things! We do events, parties, barbeques, we have even been known to do a dance off every once in a while.

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This is one of the things
we do best 

We don’t just look good, we are professionals.  We aren’t in it to win anything, mostly just for the glory of how well one can do in any of our events.  People come from all over Canada to test their skills, work together and learn with us, and if you want to see what we are all about, come out to a practice!